Why Sanctuary Patio Doors?

Sanctuary patio doors are different than most sliding doors. Your patio door can be an important and an often overlooked part of your project. It’s common for people to focus on the windows during the in-home sales process and the patio door can become a bit of an afterthought. Unfortunately many windows companies know this and they’ll use a lower end patio door to add to their profit. That’s not how we do things around here.

3 panel Sanctuary patio door with Classic frame, chrome handle and etched grids

We’ll always use a very high quality sliding patio door that will match the look, performance, efficiency and style of the high quality windows we offer.

Most important advantages of the Sanctuary Patio Doors

  1. Unique frame options to get the look you want
  2. Upgraded hardware including multi-point locks for security and durability
  3. Custom sizes to ensure a perfect fit
  4. A range of style and efficiency options, including interior blinds
  5. Warranty backed by a billion dollar company

Similar to the windows, the list of features offered by these doors is significant. Here we’re focusing on the main features that differentiate this model from the competition. If you have questions about any particular features or options just let your window and door expert know and they’ll be happy to provide more info.

1. Unique frame options

The Sanctuary door is available in three main styles to provide a beautiful look. You can see each of these styles below. One isn’t better than another, this is purely a style difference. The available options are Contemporary, Classic and French.


Contemporary door with single prairie grids and chrome interior handle

The Contemporary style is the most popular because it provides the most glass area, and the lowest cost. This is the default style when ordering a sliding door. When looking at the picture above we’re looking at the dimensions of the glass area and the surrounding frame, not the grids in the glass. The grids shown are single prairie grids and they can be ordered in any of the door styles.

The Contemporary style uses 3″ rails in the sash to provide maximum glass area.


3 panel Classic style patio door with etched glass and chrome interior handle

The Classic style is shown here uses a thicker sash to provide a different look. The sash uses 5″ rails and it gives the door a heavier or more substantial feel. The Classic does come at a slightly higher cost and it does provide the look of a very high end door.

French style sliding door

French style door with double prairie grids

The French-style sliding door can be a great option for someone who wants the look of a French door with the benefits of a sliding door. For example, this door will seal very well compared to a hinged door. Also, it doesn’t take up any space when it opens and it comes at a substantially lower cost than a high end hinged door. That said it does come at the highest cost of the three styles shown here.

Note the picture above shows double prairie grids which are an option in any style door. The French style door has a 5″ top rail, a 7″ bottom rail and 3″ side rails to provide the look of a French door without the drawbacks of a hinged door.

2. Upgraded hardware

When we see the old patio doors that our customers are replacing it’s common to see failed hardware. Old doors can be hard to open, hard to lock and just hard to live with. We eliminate those problems with the Sanctuary patio doors.

Decorative interior handles for Sanctuary patio doors.

The precision engineered tandem roller system and stainless steel monorail track ensures these doors will slide well and operate easily for the long haul. The stainless track also ensures the door will look great by eliminating the possibility of unsightly dark residue and wear that is common with aluminum tracks.

Stainless steel reinforcement and a multi-chambered frame and sash coupled with a 1″ thick insulated glass unit ensure the door will keep the elements outside and perform perfectly.

The multi-point steel locking mechanism, anti-lift block and optional foot lock keeps the door secure.

The available key lock and decorative interior handle options add functionality and beauty to your new sliding door.

3. Custom sizes available

Doors are a little different than windows in that they’re available in both standard and custom sizes. Some companies only offer doors that come in standard sizes and they’ll be forced to make a standard door fit into your house whether it’s the right size or not.

This can mean adding extra wood to fill in a gap or taking out more framing to fit a wider door into a narrower opening. That is not ideal.

The Sanctuary doors that we offer are available in standard and custom sizes to make sure your new door will fit into the opening perfectly. That’s what we do with the windows so it makes sense we’d do the same thing with the doors.

These doors are available in 2, 3 and 4 panel configurations with custom sizes available in any configuration. You can find dimensions of the standard sized doors here.

4. Wide range of options

Another factor that sets these doors apart from the competition is the wide range of available options. For example, these doors are available with the same energy efficient glass packages as the windows so they’ll have the same look and feel. The glass will look the same and the doors will perform just as well which makes for a quality result.

The same interior and exterior colors are also available so your new door will perfectly match your new windows.

Sanctuary patio doors with internal blinds that raise and tilt.
French style Sanctuary door with internal blinds

Interior blinds are also available and they’ve become a popular choice. The interior blinds offered here will raise and tilt and they’re backed by a much stronger warranty that most of the competitors.

4. Warranty backed by a billion dollar company

Lifetime warranty on Sanctuary patio doors in most cases.

The warranty is an important part of a your purchase and it’s important to have confidence that the manufacturer will be around for the long haul. We’ve been in this business for over 15 years and Gentek, the manufacturer of these doors, is part of a company that has been in the building products industry since 1947, over 75 years and counting.

They currently operate 5 US window manufacturing plants plus siding plants, metals plants, and vinyl extrusion plants. They have over $1 billion in annual sales and they are a very substantial company.

During our time in this industry we’ve seen many smaller manufacturers come and go leaving all of their customers with no warranty and no access to spare parts. This is a situation you want to avoid and it’s also a situation we want to avoid. We’re in the happy customers business and a good, strong, reliable warranty from a solid company helps to create happy customers.

Much more info available

If you’re looking for more information on any features or options or if you have questions about how this model compares to any other let your window and door expert know.

Manufacturer’s brochures and literature

Other helpful information

Ask us any questions any time and we’ll be happy to help with as much information as you could possibly want on any possible topic. We know shopping for windows can feel a little challenging. We’re always here to help make this process just as easy as we can.

From here we can make unlimited revisions to your quote, answer any additional questions and get your project started as soon as you’re ready.

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